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Alphahydrogen bicycle

From the ambition to have a positive impact on climate change and French technological know-how, Alpha, the world's first hydrogen-powered bicycle was born. Developed and produced by Pragma Industries in 2017, Alpha combines soft mobility and innovative technology. It is an urban bike with electric assistance, which has the advantage of being able to recharge in less than a minute with a range of up to 145 km.

In 2022, the new generation of hydrogen-powered bicycles will be released, the result of Pragma Industries ' know-how: the ALPHA NEO. More efficient, more ecological, more competitive, it is the embodiment of a major technological evolution in light hydrogen mobility. Its virtuous design model is part of our circular and local economy system.


Instantaneous charging time

Alpha is charged withhydrogen in less than 2 minutes with a dedicated station.

exceptional autonomy

The hydrogen storage integrated in the bike, offers an unequalled autonomy of up to 145 km on a single charge.


ALPHA offers constant performance, whatever the season.

service life

  • 20000 km ⇒ energy component cycle
  •  10 years ⇒ fuel cell life

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Hydrogen bike alpha neo

Makes your life easier and transforms your daily commute into a positive, efficient and environmentally friendly experience.


The anguish of the weak battery disappears in favour of a real freedom of movement
. Refills can be spaced
thanks to the confidence provided by ALPHA's autonomy.


ALPHA offers constant performance, the same autonomy even in cold weather, which is not the case with lithium batteries whose performance decreases with temperature variations.


Suitable for the operation of a captive fleet in association with a dedicated hydrogen station, Alpha is always available because it is recharged in less than 2 minutes.

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