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Urban travel patterns are changing in the face of the climate emergency and the inevitable congestion of our cities.
Whether you are an employer, a local authority or a private individual, you want to be part of an eco-responsible dynamic, we have developed a range of hydrogen-powered light mobility solutions tailored to your needs. With Pragma Mobility a new era of sustainable consumption has been born.
Our goal: to make your life easier and transform your daily trips into an active, efficient and environmentally friendly experience.

Hire/Buy a H2 Bike

You wish to buy or rent a hydrogen bicycle. We offer you the best alternative, the one corresponding to your habits and needs.

H2 Mobility Solutions

From the hydrogen bike to the charging station we have a solution for you.

Turnkey Solutions

You have a precise project, we will work with you to define the hydrogen mobility ecosystem that suits you.

Our company

Pragma Mobility is the subsidiary of Pragma Industries. It was set up to meet the growing need for alternative and virtuous modes of mobility. Pragma Industries has been a global specialist in compact fuel cells since 2004.

Over the years, the company has developed best-in-class compact fuel cells to target portable systems and light mobility markets with its technologies. In order to further democratize hydrogen and make it available in everyday life, Pragma Industries has created a subsidiary dedicated to mobility.

Freedom, reliability and sharing are the watchwords of the new mobile world powered by hydrogen.

freedom reliability sharing

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It's rolling on our premises! February 10, 2021 a shooting took place in our premises. A reporter from the Government Information Service came to interview Pierre Forté (CEO), the opportunity to highlight the technological know-how of Pragma Industries in...

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