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Ingenious green mobility for your employees
Set your company on a path towards soft mobility and bring your partners with you on hydrogen-powered bicycles.

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for business

From helping you choose your vehicles to setting up a station, we will develop a turnkey solution suited to your requirements and budget. Our team will accompany you from A to Z to get the project started seamlessly.

Create an ecosystem in your image and quickly roll out a responsible H2-powered mobility solution for your employees.

Why should you set up a Pragma hydrogen-powered urban mobility ecosystem?

A practical show of support for carbon-free urban mobility.

Back world-exclusive French innovation.

Benefit your business' image and attractivity.

Our personalized offers for business

Improved oversight on your fleet of electric vehichles
Reduced handling :
refueling of hydrogen-powered bicycles is easy for all your employees
Always-ready vehicles :
a batteryless e-bike that recharges in 2 minutes

They have adopted a fleet of Pragma hydrogen bicycles

Frequently asked questions

Pragma’s ambition is to make green hydrogen a reality for light mobility (electric bicycles, scooters, light quadricycles) and an accessible, everyday energy source for everyone.

Above all, Pragma believes in the innovation and advantages it provides as an energy source.

Operational Advantages

  • High autonomy: 1kg of hydrogen represents the energy equivalent to that stored in 75kg of batteries.
  • Short recharge time: between 1 and 5 minutes at a dedicated station

Environmental Advantages

  • About 4000 times less rare earth and noble metals than in a battery.
  • The use of carbon-free energy produced through renewable energy systems.

Hydrogen fuel cells are a key asset for the green energy transition.

You can fill up the bike’s tank at a dedicated station. To find the station closest to you, consult our  interactive map.

They are electrical-assist bikes (e-bikes), but the energy that drives the electric motor is produced directly with a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a rechargeable battery.

Pragma Mobility’s mission is to provide a complete solution for lightweight hydrogen-powered mobility: from producing local, green hydrogen to its distribution as well as manufacturing vehicles that run on it (bikes, tricycles, scooters).