Pragma, a visionary & committed Group

A word from the president

Pierre Forté - Mot du président

“The Energy Transition and the move toward a low-carbon society it entails is an issue that requires real solutions. Pragma’s ambition is to revolutionize light mobility by placing hydrogen at the forefront of sustainable energy, making clean mobility a seamless part of everyone’s daily life. One of our main objectives is to integrate hydrogen into urban centers and establish a presence within various consumer market segments.
At Pragma, we know that innovation is only truly revolutionary when it is practical, integrates smoothly into everyday life, accessible to all, and virtuous.

Pierre Forté,
Co-Founder and President of Pragma Group

A strong sense of values

Pragma Group lives and breathes the values that frame our business and which our teams aspire to. Accordingly, our development is articulated around four core ideologies:


The Pragma Group is actively advancing the growth of hydrogen energy and easily integrated hydrogen-powered solutions for numerous applications centered around urban mobility.


Long-term, carbon-free solutions for neutral environmental impact.

Made in France Manufacturing:

a sign of quality, ethics, and regional industry. All of Pragma's solutions are designed and manufactured in France.

Reliability and Simplicity:

through our integrated operations and profound technological expertise, Pragma Group oversees the entire value chain of its products, enabling it to provide turnkey solutions and associated services.

A responsible and pragmatic approach

As part of our mission to continually revolutionize and transform light mobility, Pragma is committed to acting responsibly and effectively without losing sight of the reality of everyday use.

Police municipale à vélo hydrogène
Picto easy

Our hydrogen-powered solutions naturally remove the worries inherent to vehicle upkeep (no need for planning ahead or servicing). Our solutions are easy to implement and simple to use.

Picto Co2

Pragma's solutions enable everyone (individuals, businesses, and government agencies) to set up carbon-free mobility and, in doing so, contribute to the green energy transition.

Picto Terre
Environmental Performance

Pragma bases its development on circular economy principles. Our products and solutions are envisioned holistically: from production to reuse, remanufacturing, or recycling. The objective: a close-to-zero carbon footprint and a positive impact on the local economy through employment opportunities and commercial activity.

Our overarching goal is to create a complete, concrete, intuitive, and environmentally friendly user experience.

A well-controlled cycle

We strive for responsible, truly carbon-free mobility.

Making our vehicles available for long-term leasing also enables us to control their end-of-life.
When the lease is over, after careful restoration by our teams, the bike will be returned to service. After several cycles, it will be dismantled. This ensures a second life for the battery, the tank, and the other components on other vehicles and applications.

Our new bikes are guaranteed 0 lithium

Our system is 95% recyclable, and we are working towards making it 100%

The hydrogen tank has an unlimited lifespan, and the fuel cell has a 15-year lifespan

Certified Environmental Responsibility

We are proud to have obtained the Tideline 2022-23 label awarded by Waves of Change and BpiFrance EuroQuity for our collaborative approach to the environmental transition.