Let's create your hydrogen-powered urban mobility ecosystem

Pragma Mobility offers turnkey solutions for daily commuting
Vehicle deployment (bikes, tricycles, and scooters) Complete hydrogen-powered mobility ecosystems, including the production and distribution of hydrogen and associated services: rentals, maintenance, recharging, and recycling.

Our stations

Production Stations

Our production stations allow for local production of green hydrogen for on-site distribution : no transportation or greenhouse gas emissions!
Production capacity from 1 to 10 kg/day
Modular storage of 6 kg minimum
Power for more than 100 vehicles*
5m2 land footprint
The requirements for producing 1 kg/day and storing 6kg
10L connected to water network
70kWh connected to Renewable Energy Network
*And power up to 1000 vehicles (bicycles, scooters, tricycles) with a 10 kg/day capacity production station

Distribution Station

Offer access to green mobility for all your constituents and commuters by installing hydrogen stations for people to recharge hydrogen-powered vehicles freely and with ease.
54L to 108L Storage Capacity
Fully Automated
A full tank in 2 min
No engineering required, no network linkages
100% Energy-autonomous
4G or Native Ethernet Connectivity (station/bike/applications)
RFID identification for public use (badges or chips)
1m2 footprint

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