Our hydrogen-powered urban mobility solutions
for cities

Do you want to offer a more responsible form of transport for your agents and citizens?
Make your area a pioneer of hydrogen-powered urban transport with the help of our turnkey ecosystems.

What are the possible uses?

Equip your police force, your couriers,
or even your postal service.

Offer a sustainable alternative
for municipal services
(technical services,
tourism board…)

Make bicycles available
for long-term leasing
by your constituents.

Why should you set up a Pragma hydrogen-powered urban mobility ecosystem?

0 greenhouse gas emissions

Move towards energy-autonomous urban mobility thanks to a consolidated ecosystem

Manage costs and guarantee long-term energy prices

Commit to carbon-free mobility powered by unique French innovation

Share your sustainability accomplishments with your constituents

The advantages of
a hydrogen-powered urban
mobility ecosystem

Low land footprint with compact, non-sprawling infrastructure

Scalable, customizable infrastructure according to your specifications and evolving needs

Easy to install and no network linkages

Low energy consumption

Hydrogen &
urban mobility

By 2050, almost 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Transportation will have to adapt, evolve, and become green. The electrification of soft mobility is an obvious step in this direction. But to meet the requirements of lightweight electrical vehicles, the world’s lithium production will have to be increased 25-fold.

Today, hydrogen is recognized as the key to decarbonizing industry, mobility, and energy. It is the most dependable and sustainable way to store the energy produced by renewables.

At Pragma Mobility, we believe in hydrogen energy and its ability to transform our cities. We guarantee 0 lithium in our vehicles. Together, as pioneers of light hydrogen-powered mobility, let’s get the world rolling on innovation.

They have adopted a fleet of Pragma hydrogen bicycles

Frequently asked questions

Pragma’s ambition is to make green hydrogen a reality for light mobility (electric bicycles, scooters, light quadricycles) and an accessible, everyday energy source for everyone.

Above all, Pragma believes in the innovation and advantages it provides as an energy source.

Operational Advantages

  • High autonomy: 1kg of hydrogen represents the energy equivalent to that stored in 75kg of batteries.
  • Short recharge time: between 1 and 5 minutes at a dedicated station

Environmental Advantages

  • About 4000 times less rare earth and noble metals than in a battery.
  • The use of carbon-free energy produced through renewable energy systems.

Hydrogen fuel cells are a key asset for the green energy transition.

You can fill up the bike’s tank at a dedicated station. To find the station closest to you, consult our  interactive map.

They are electrical-assist bikes (e-bikes), but the energy that drives the electric motor is produced directly with a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a rechargeable battery.

Pragma Mobility’s mission is to provide a complete solution for lightweight hydrogen-powered mobility: from producing local, green hydrogen to its distribution as well as manufacturing vehicles that run on it (bikes, tricycles, scooters).