Getting a hydrogen vehicle

Do you want to take action for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of how you get around?

As more responsible, convenient forms of daily mobility, our solutions and services for innovative hydrogen-powered transport will change your life.

With bikes, cargo bikes, or scooters Pragma has what you are looking for!
Like riding a bike? We are already present in a dozen French cities and will soon be present everywhere else.
The scooter will be released in 2024!

Getting started ?

Are you ready to become one of the pioneers of hydrogen-powered mobility?
It’s easy, just follow the guide and switch to hydrogen now.

Check if there is a
recharge station close
to where you live.

If your city has a station, you can get started
right away.

Choosing the right vehicle
for you.

Ordering your vehicle

Fill out an online form to pre-order,
then finalize with a Pragma representative
who will contact you and introduce you to one of our official distributors.


With the app,
getting around with
is child's play

Find your vehicle

See the remaining charge and define an authorized travel perimeter

Find the closest station and its available charge

Remote motor shut off

Detect an electrical issue

Frequently asked questions

They are electrical-assist bikes (e-bikes), but the energy that drives the electric motor is produced directly with a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a rechargeable battery.

Refuel our hydrogen bikes up to 300 bar at any dedicated stations.  Refer to the map to find the refueling station nearest to you.