Pragma Mobility,
ingenious green mobility
for everyone

“Pragma Mobility holds steadfast that for the energy revolution to be truly impactful, it must be accessible to all.”
Pierre Forté,

From bikes to scooters, hydrogen-powered everything for urban mobility!

Short circuit between production, distribution, and consumers

Associated services: leasing, servicing, insurance...

We deploy complete and accessible hydrogen-powered ecosystems for everyone
Since 2020, Pragma Mobility
has been developing and deploying ingenious
hydrogen-powered mobility solutions.

Our Ambitions

At the Heart of Pragma's Mission :

  • To develop complete & innovative ecosystems to encourage hydrogen-powered mobility

  • Revolutionize urban electric mobility with clean, safe, and accessible travel solutions

Our Team

Pragma has united a dynamic team
driven by a common desire to keep
our great project moving forward. We
are a human-sized team
of 20 people proud to carry
Pragma’s ambitions with
strength and determination.

Alpha, an Innovation at the Heart of Environmental Challenges

Developed by Pragma in 2013,
Alpha was a world-first e-bike
using hydrogen to
store energy.

Zero-Lithium for
the New Generation

The fuel cell transforms the hydrogen stored in a tank into electricity

Daily use

Guarantees zero CO2 emission by its user

Improved recyclability

Pragma’s fuel cell system is 95% recyclable, with a 15-year lifespan and the possibility for infinite reuse or repurposing.
With this innovation, Pragma Mobility
Mobility is the only actor to provide
a concrete hydrogen-powered solution
to rise to the challenge of taking
carbon out of the light mobility
equation. Over the long term,
the newest generation of hydrogen
bikes, Neo, is designed to meet
the most stringent demands in terms of
energy use and green mobility.

A Bit Of History

Pragma Mobility,
a Pragma Group Brand

Founded in 2004 in Biarritz by Pierre Forté and co-founded by Remi Succoja, Pragma is a hydrogen fuel cell specialist.

With over fifteen years of experience and solutions delivered in more than 40 countries, the group is a well-recognized expert in its domain.

Pragma Group is composed of